Monday, 2 April 2012

It's Alive!

Hello again, Noisy people.
Noisy Subculture is taking a new route on the subject of the blog.
Noisy Subculture would produce in the months to come a collection with the sickest and noisiest indepedent bands. We are searching for bands that want to be on this collection, all genres are more than welcome!
From grind, heavy metal, thrash, crossover, hardcore, punk, d-beat, post-rock what ever your noisy addiction is, send us your work!
Put a link in the comments and we will contact you

Support D.I.Y. and DO IT YOUR WAY

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Due to all the recent activities with crap like SOPA/PIPA/ACTA or whatever fascist law they are trying to bring upon the free world of the internet, we cannot continue to update or beloved blog or reupload any of our links, months of hard work in the high seas of the internet were gone in a sec. Until the dust settles we won't be uploading anything or fixing broken links. However many of our links still work so you can try and fullfill your noisy needs. There are going to be some few posts promoting underground new bands and their work.
Support freedom of speech!
Art is for fans and not for the companies!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Underdog - Matchless

Awesome old school hardcore band. Matchless might came out in 2010 but it's only their two lps "The Vanishing Point" from 1989 and the "Demos" from 1993.

Find it here Matchless.rar

Check them

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Villain Discography

Nice Heavy-Speed/Power band from US, formed in 1984.

1986 - Only Time Will Tell [EP]
1995 - Chequered Past
2003 - Time Machine

Download Full Discography Here Discography.rar

Black Hammer - The Horror (Demo) (2010)

Nice one man Black/Thrash band from France, formed in 2010, this is the first demo.

01 - The Horror
02 - Time For Revenge
03 - Black Tormentor
04 - Persuasive Darkness
05 - Fuckind Death

Download Link Hammer - The Horror (Demo) (2010).rar

Devil (Norway) Discography

Doom Metal band from Norway, formed in 2009.

2010 - Magister Mundi Xum (Demo)
2011 - The Noble Savage Blood Is Boiling [Single]
2011 - Time to Repent

Download Full Discography Here (Norway) Discography.rar

Midnight Malice - Pray for Death (2010)

Heavy Metal from Canada, this is their first demo.

01. Sworn to the Horns
02. Flying Low

Download Link Malice - Pray for Death (2010).rar

Monday, 16 January 2012

ANTI... Discography

Here's a punk group from Greece, being active in the mid 80's.

Demo 1
Demo 2

-Bonus tracks
-Πανδαιμόνιο (demo version)
-Live (Σταμάτα να μιλάς για θάνατο,Εκπαιδευτικός παροξυσμός)

Download Full Discography Here Discography.rar