Thursday, 19 January 2012

Underdog - Matchless

Awesome old school hardcore band. Matchless might came out in 2010 but it's only their two lps "The Vanishing Point" from 1989 and the "Demos" from 1993.

Find it here Matchless.rar

Check them


  1. Hello, I would very much like for you to post my bands album on your blog, we can be heard at , its a hybrid form of metal using many different sub genres of metal with a somewhat sci-fi concept. Thank you very much, if anything else is needed don't hesitate to ask, keep blogging metal!

  2. Hello. Any chance you can post track 9 it is missing from the album? Thanks. if possible by itself so the whole album doesn't have to be downloaded again. Thanks.

  3. Heya,
    Since it says "If you play in a band and want your content here you can simply contact us through shoutbox or comments" up there at the top of this page I figured I'd best post here, since this is the newest post on your blog :).

    Our band is called Beyond Existence and we have recently released our first demo. Currently we're trying to spread the word about our demo and make more people hear our music, so it would be nice if you could post our demo on this blog.
    The demo is called "Rising Tide" and can be downloaded here:

    More info can be found on


  4. how can i download somethig, in every link of fileserve say: File not available
    This file was either in breach of a copyright holder or deleted by the uploader.
    what can i do?

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